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Those who cannot remember the past are comdemned to repeat it ..     

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Star of David
The Nazis forced the Jews to wear a badge, a yellow star inscribed with the word Jude to identify, deprive, starve and finally murder the Jews of Europe.


Full statistics for the tragic fate of children who died during the Nazi genocide - Holocaust - will never be known. Estimates range as high as 1.5 million murdered children. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of institutionalized handicapped children.

Nazi persecution, arrests, and deportations were directed against all members of Jewish families without concern for age. Plucked from their homes and stripped of their childhoods, the children had witnessed the murder of parents, siblings, and relatives. They faced starvation, illness and brutal labor, until they were consigned to the gas chambers.

In Auschwitz - in order to cut expenses and save gas - cost-accountant considerations led to an order to place living children directly into the ovens or throw them into open burning pits. The children with a yellow star lived and died during the dark years of the Holocaust, victims of the Nazi regime ...

Like little Georges Halpern, who was being sheltered with other children in The Children's Home in Izieu in the hope that the Nazis would not find them. The little boy wrote to his mother:

"Chere Maman, I send you 10000000000 kisses. Your son who loves you very much. There are big mountains and the village is very pretty. There are a lot of farms and we look for blackberries and raspberries and white mulberries. I hug you with all my heart. Georgy."

On the morning of April 6, 1944, as they all settled down in the refectory to drink hot chocolate, the Nazis raided the Home, throwing the crying and terrified children on to the trucks like sacks of potatoes.

The children were deported to Auschwitz and killed ..  Louis Bülow  Privacy.  ©2011-13.