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Tomas Kulka, a Jewish boy shown here at age three, was the son of Elsa and Robert Kulka, who were married in 1933 in Brno in Moravia and moved to Olomouc, where Tomas was born. The city Olomouc is, after Prague, the second most historical city in The Czech Republic, the gateway to the Jeseniky mountains. A city, which is referred to as The Pearl on the Green and The Heart of the Haná Region. A perfect idyll.

Following Elsa's father's death in 1937, the family moved to Brno where they took over the family shipping company.

Just before Tomas' fifth birthday the Nazis occupied Moravia. Because Tomas was Jewish, he was not allowed to attend school. On March 31, 1942 Tomas and his family were sent to the KZ camp Theresienstadt. In May, he and his maternal grandmother were deported to Sobibor, where they were gassed upon arrival. Tomas was two weeks short of his eighth birthday. That same year his parents died in the Ossova labor camp in Ukraine.

The deathcamp Sobibor operated from May 1942 until October 1943 for only one purpose: to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible. Sobibor`s gas chambers killed an approximate total of 260,000 Jews. Transports arrived by rail, and prisoners were taken immediately toward the gas chambers. Only 47 managed to survive Sobibor and give evidence of the existence of the death camp.

Before the war ended the killing installations at Sobibor were destroyed and the area planted over with trees ...


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