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Eva's Diary - May, 1944

May 1, 1944
My little Dairy, from now on I see everything as a dream .. We started to pack, taking from everything the quantity Agi has seen written on the poster. I know it is not a dream, but I can't believe it. We can also take bed linen, but we don't know when they are coming to take us, so we can't pack the bed linen just yet. Agi is making coffee all day long for uncle Bela and grandmother is drinking cognac. No one says a word. My little Diary, I was never so afraid!

May 10, 1944
We are here for five days, but my word of honor, it feels like five years. I don't even know how to start writing, so many horrible things have happened since I last made an entry .. I have no idea how it will be later, I always think this is the worst, then I realize on my own that everything can become even worse, actually much worse. Until now, there was food to eat, now we won't have any. On the inside of the ghetto we could visit one another, now we are not allowed to get out of the house .. Agi doesn't mind anything if they only leave us alive, that is what she keeps constantly saying .. Last night I dreamed of Juszti, my little Diary, and in the morning I woke up crying.

May 17, 1944
You see, my little Diary, I told you the other day that everything could be worse? You see how right I was? They started the interrogations at the Dreher beer factory. You know my little Dairy, the gendarms don't believe the Jews that they have nothing left .. Now everyone in the house is shaking with fear, wondering when are they going to be taken in for a beating at the Dreher.

May 18, 1944
Agi said that they bring people from the Dreher into the hospital, that blood is dripping from their nose and mouth, some have their teeth knocked out, and their soles are so swollen, that they can't stand. My little Diary, Agi was also saying what the gendarmes do to women, because they also take women in there, I just don't want to write it down. I simply can't write it down, although you know my little Diary, I have had no secrets from you so far. I also heard, but this was said by grandfather, in the dark, that here in the ghetto many people commit suicide. There is enough poison in the ghetto pharmacy and grandfather gives some to older people who ask for it. Grandfather added that he would be only too pleased to take some cyanide himself and give some to grandmother as well. Hearing this, Agi started to cry, and I heard her crawl to grandfather's mattress and still crying, she said: Patience daddy, this can't last forever!

May 29, 1944
My little Diary, now it all comes to an end! The ghetto has been subdivided into districts and they are taking us all away.