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Eva's Diary - March, 1944

March 19, 1944
My little Diary you are the happiest, because you cannot feel the great misfortune that happened to us. The Germans came to take over! What only uncle Bela feared, has indeed happened ..

March 21, 1944
Agi's friends and uncle Bela's acquaintances spent all day at our house. Now everyone in the city knows they're here and everyone is seeking their advice. Uncle Bela is telling everyone that they should get false papers and cross over to Romania. But grandmother is turning her eyes in such a weird manner when she hears about escaping and it is impossible to escape with Agi, since her scar still hurts ..

March 26, 1944
On the radio they keep announcing all kinds of regulations about the Jews, all the things they are not allowed to do. Agi spoke to Budapest today, too. She says that all their friends have already been captured by the Germans, who kill all of them, including children. Since the Germans are here, I can think only of Marta. She was also a child, yet the Germans killed her. But I don't want them to kill me. I'd like to become a photo journalist and at age 24 marry an English Aryan ..

March 29, 1944
Today they came from the Jewish Community and they took away nearly all the linen. The Germans request almost daily something from the Jews, one day the typewriter, another day the carpets, today the bed linen. First, grandmother tried to negotiate, then she said it was futile, and let them take it. She did not even want to make selections, she handed the keys to the linen closet to these total strangers, the same keys which in the olden days she would not easily give even to Juszti or Agi. Juszti came by again today. Her eyes were red from crying, as if she were Jewish herself. She says she will die because she can't save me - whom she loves most in this world - from possibly what awaits me.